Friday, October 30, 2015

What have you done to me? I love it!

Hi Samantha,

I am listening to cross training 1, I do not have a lot of time to listen but trying the best I can.
I went out and got me a pink dildo and red high heal shoes... why I do not know, but I had to try it. When I did get some time alone, I dressed up with black stockings, red shoes, and some red lipstick. I got so excited just by that!  Then I put the dildo on the floor, and positioned my self over it... I was actually shaking... wondering why I am doing this, but couldn't stop. I wanted this.  So I put a lot of lube on it, slowly lowering my ass down, the tip of the dildo with the lube felt cold but nice.
I tried to stop because the tip was too big to me, but couldn't.  My body ached for it, it hurt just a little but I loved it.  Lowering myself down it got bigger and bigger, i wanted it too much to stop.  Then all of it was inside my asscunt.  OMG! I started to go up and down faster and better... could not stop.
It felt so good with all the small ripples.  The head of the dildo moving inside me, wow what a feeling! Then I had my best orgasm ever, the entire body was feeling it, I was shaking and moaning... had no control.
And when it was over, I had to sit on the dildo for a while.  Now all I think about is when do I have time for my self to do it again!  What have you done to me? 
I Love it!

Hello again NewGuy,

It is wonderful to experience such powerful orgasms don't you think?

Now that you know what you have been missing, you can enjoy Submissive Bliss, and my Compliance training series too!


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Your Suggestions Work TOO Well

Dear Samantha,

I recently discovered your BCCP file, and was intrigued. I started listening to it and have definitely had longer orgasms, and have been hornier much more.

It's been almost 3 weeks now of listening every day. I was out yesterday and wasn't able to masturbate all day long. While walking to the bus I saw a woman that aroused me, and I felt my cock twitch slightly... then I felt cum start to leak out of me. And it wasn't a little bit either. It kept cumming and cumming, like I had just ejaculated, but without any pleasure. I just felt it helplessly drip out of me, soaking my boxers.

This really freaked me out. I would like to remove this blessing immediately. Can you help me?


Dear MessyPants,

BCCP is apparently a mixed blessing for you ;-)  If you are a little more careful to masturbate every few hours you won't have this problem again.



Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Training for Ecstasy

Dear Samantha,

I wanted to share a wonderful experience with You. Last night I had an amazing sexual encounter with my Lady. Lately I've been listening to Your BCCP recording again and I have become so horny. My cock keeps getting delightfully hard. My balls feel so wonderfully full.

When I got home from work last night. I felt especially horny and my cock was so hard. I showed it to my Lady and She was very pleased. She told me that we were going to fuck after dinner. I was elated. 

When we settled into the bedroom She had me strip. She then strapped me to the bed face up. She inserted a vibrating butt plug in my ass and then began to tease my cock with Her G spot vibrator. It felt amazing. She kept edging me. It was so amazing feeling Her dominate me. Then She told me to tell Her one of my dark fantasies. I was excited and terrified at the same time. 

I've never revealed to Her my lingerie fantasy. I couldn't resist admitting it to her. I told Her that I fantasize about wearing silk stockings and satin assless panties with high heels. Bending over and having Her fuck me with Her strap on.
Oh my God, my heart was pounding and She gave me the most exquisite expression of curious fascination. She said that was a sexy fantasy. She even said that she might write cumslut on my face with lipstick. My cock started pulsing, the trembling in my ass was even more amazing. 
She began to ride me furiously. I screamed that I couldn't hold back any longer and She ordered me to cum. I came so hard. It was both bliss and pain at the same time. I can't recall cumming that hard before. I had to beg Her to stop. It was Heaven. 
I'm already thinking about how it will feel wearing stockings and panties for Her. I want to serve Her so desperately. I love feeling like a slave to my Lady. It feels so good to be obedient. 

Thank You for all of Your recordings.  Erection on Command has saved my life. I'm really looking forward to having the good boy trigger implanted. Have a wonderful day Master.


Hello again boomerslave,

It is nice to know you are able to satisfy your Lady again. Men have hidden reserves of sexuality that can be brought to the surface and harnessed, with the right tools ;-)



Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Time Tonight

Dearest Samantha,

My first time tonight... I tranced wearing just frilly pink panties & woke up with cum all over me. I was in Overwhelming Ecstasy the whole time.
You have taken me to a new level of obedience Mistress , I only need your voice in my head - nothing more.

Hello again SB4M,

Practice makes perfect.  Anyone can get to this point of Trance Ecstasy with a tiny bit of persistence ;-)



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Compliance is BEST!


I want to share with you about some building feelings I am experiencing. Feelings I am certain were in me to start but have no doubt grown due to my compliance training. 

I feel a wonderful ache in my balls. Inside, behind them too. I feel like, if I had permission to try, I would have a hair trigger. I'm horny constant and I love it. 

I also have a growing urge to be face-sat. Or to kneel and please sexy dominant women. Front or back, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl I want to please with my desperate tongue. I fantasize about being used for pleasure - face-fucked and left with balls buzzing on the verge of orgasm. Yet with the warm feelings that come from pleasing master and being submissive to her desires. 

The submissive feelings are deepening too. I Have a pronounced foot fetish. Lately I can't help but to quiver inside at the sight of pedicured feet and toes. Wow. I have your suck my foot file and love it. I'll pick it back up once I am deeper in the compliance series. 

Thank you for your amazing work. I hope you find the effect I am noticing pleasing. I hope to be pleasing to you. I hope to continue down this path of compliance training and find ways to obey and please. 

Have a wonderful day. 
compliant 1

Hello again compliant 1,

Yes, the effects you are enjoying are exactly what pleases me :-) 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Going Into Trance

My Goddess,
Yet again I have descended deeper and deeper into trance. There is no other voice that makes the slightest impression on me when I try to trance. It is as if I am so conditioned & programmed by your voice that my whole body relaxes  within seconds and from then on I just sit there staring at my screen in total bliss. I cum so so hard listening to you that sex with a woman just can't match it.
You are a gorgeous pure genius & I adore you 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Choose for me!

Dearest Samantha,

I had an amazing time listening to some of the youtube videos and mp3 audio.  I didn't intend for this to happen, but, in one video I came twice.
Being a little timid with allowing someone into my mind, what would you recommend getting more comfortable with the idea.  It's a guilty fantasy for a powerful woman to take control and I want YOU to, but it's hard to let go.

PS you are BEAUTIFUL!  and I appreciate your work thus far.


Hello again S4S,

Which video were you watching when you came? That would be a strong indication what to do next ;-)

In any event, listeners who enjoy Strong Women in Control always enjoy Samantha in Control 1 and 2 and they really find Compliance Training to their liking.