Friday, April 11, 2014


Dear Samantha,
i've been a long time fan, have always watched your you tube videos, and have purchased several files...though it has been a while.  Last night while checking out your site for the first time in a long time i found the desire file.
i'm sure i've never been so profoundly affected by any hypnosis, possibly by anything, ever.  i felt like i was enveloped by an irresistible force, but have never been so glad to give in.  i have been thinking of your voice all day, and feel like i can hear it still, just reverberating deep inside my soul.  i love it, and just had to let you know how much i appreciate your influence.  
i can't wait for more.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pink Collar Poetry

my deepest secret is that my lovely pink collar
now completely controls my desires,

was just curious when i bought it under a different name,
didn't know it would hook me,

exploring more and more recordingsnow i love the feeling of powerless submission

i am totally obedient to my Master's voice
she commands me to obey her, and i love it
in my pink silk stockings and panties, eager and submissive
i want your cock to fill me, dominating me completely
my Master trains me, conditioning my mind
to crave her commands, helplessly surrendering
to her desires, eagerly and completely

i suck my Master's hard cock smoothly
pleasuring her with my warm, submissive mouth 

i love to suck my Master

my Master commands me to bend over,
to raise my ass high, relaxing to her desire

my Master's stiff cock pumps deeply into my ass,
so slippery with oil, such silky-smooth love strokes
i obey my Master's will as she pushes her powerful cock
rhythmically, deeper and deeper, ever deeper inside me
my Master's stiff cock suddenly jerks hard inside me,

i gasp with pleasure, coming over and over again...

thank you Master! thank you, Master!
come inside me; yes please, Master
oh yes, my Master...

i love my powerful, dominant Master
i am her deeply submissive,

(sent by a fan)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nail Salon Adventure 1?

Hello Samantha,
Did we miss Nail Salon Adventure 1? Or is this a remake of an older MP3? Since the scenario for NSA2 was returning for another pedicure... I was wondering what #1 was like?
I really enjoyed NSA2 so I hope there are some really perverted triggers and messages in the whispers... although, I was really hoping "Lotus Flower" was going to whisper in his ear, as she came in his ass and made him cum too, that he was now her bitch... the newly owned bitch of Mistress Samantha and he must return and perform his services whenever she commanded. Then make him lick up his cum.
But I really enjoyed this MP3! More like this, please. Any scenario where a guy is surprised by and forced to service beautiful shemale(s) is just what I like. Keep up this kind of work!


Hello again ltf,
Thank you for your compliments and comments :-)
NSA1 is in the works. Two of my best fans wanted a Nail Salon experience, and one of them pulled the trigger on a Custom Recording that became NSA2. Perhaps I will  incorporate some of your desires into NSA1...


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cuming Hard while Soft is the best feeling ever!

hello Samantha,
So I've been pretty addicted to listen to your recordings for several months now, usually fall asleep to one of them every night or listen to one to help get myself off. I've had this thing for hypnosis and being dominated for years. But recently I found, the last time I tried to do it, I wasn't able to get myself hard or cum, despite being incredibly turned on. I mean, it was so pleasurable I was right on the edge of an orgasm. I stopped after about an hour when I had to go to work. I wouldn't normally try to contact you, but I've also been listening to email slave and some others and I have just been feeling the need to tell you everything,its just been building and building. 
Thanks for your time,

Hello again coolguy,
If you need to cum,and you stay soft while aroused, Submissive Bliss or Samantha Sez Taken will get you off ;-)
You can also purchase permission to cum, which will allow you to orgasm too.
How did you discover my work?


yes Samantha,

I have Samantha sez taken. I'd love to tell you everything, I discovered your work through youtube one day searching for femdom/hypnosis/force fem one day while I was looking to cum. Yes I stay soft while aroused, can I have permission to listen to Samantha Sez Taken? I think that's the only Samantha sez I haven't listened to yet. i've never stayed soft while being so aroused before, is that normal?

Hello again coolguy,

You have my permission to listen to Samantha Sez Taken
and cum hard when I command it.
Listening to my voice
even now in your head
gives you certain feelings
feeling certain you are
going to cum while soft
and cuming hard while soft is the best feeling ever
don't you think.


thank you soooo much Samantha,

I listened to it last night and omg I loooved it. I knew I would cum so hard while soft it was such a pleasurable feeling I feel like I need to tell you. It was so real, but I normally wouldn't do anything like that, but I couldn't stop screaming for you to fuck me and I could literally feel your cock in my ass, but I still never got hard I just came all over with your cock in my ass and now I can't stop thinking about you fucking me all the time.
I'm so turned on right now. This morning I felt like I should be rock hard but it just won't get hard, its kind of scary, is that normal? I think I need to ask you if I can do that again, can I? This is amazing, it feels so good to tell you. I'm going to finally listen to Samantha Sez Taken, its like your voice is in my head while I'm reading this, mmmmm so damn pleasurable i've been needing to cum so hard while soft for so long now i need this feeling its the best i think. 
Thank you so much Samantha.

Hello again coolguy,

You are an excellent hypnotic subject.
Consequently, anything I tell you to do you will do
and anything I tell you to feel you will feel
knowing you have my permission
allows you to have the best orgasms
cuming hard while soft
every time I command it
is the best feeling ever
don't you think.


oh wow,

It sends like this charge of pleasure like my brain is all tingly every time I see a message from you and I know I'm just reading this but I can hear your voice speaking it as I read it, its crazy. You're right, these are the best orgasms, I love cumming hard while soft so much when you command it. I want to be the most excellent hypnotic subject to please you.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Where do I Start?

Dear Samantha,

Please help me Samantha.  I keep finding myself watching all your YouTube videos every day and I downloaded your 4 free MP3s the other day also.
I can't stop myself, feel a uncontrolable urge to buy some of your mp3s and videos now. What ones should I start with???

Love you

Hello again CA1,

The session(s) to start with depends on how you feel at the moment.

Capture Your Secret is good if you secretly wish to meet a dominant woman who will 'take care of you' ;-)

If your desire to submit to a dominant woman is not a secret, then Compliance 101 is the best starting point.

If you want to have no-strings-attached sexual adventures, Jeannie Grants Wishes or My Asian Girl are good ones to start with.

If you are still not sure, then Samantha in Control 01 is the session for you :-)



Friday, March 14, 2014

Best Experience EVER!

Dear Samantha

I purchased TranceBJ and Love Slave today. I watched TranceBJ first and it was very pleasurable, but Love Slave blew it and every other recording I've listened to right out of the water, hell it blasted everything else out of orbit. The sheer intensity of the recording not to mention the quite literally mind blowing orgasm that came with it... if I wasn't hooked before I sure as hell am now.

I'm already looking for a leather collar to wear the next time I listen, not that I can imagine anything making it more intense, but I'd love to find out. 
It was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to listen again, I'd almost like to listen to it on loop but I'm pretty sure I'd rub myself raw and or cause some sort of heart issue, mine is still beating like the bass drum in a metal band.

Obediently Yours

Dear 2ndSpirit,

Love Slave is a popular session, but I think you may have been 'primed' for it by TranceBJ. I am curious to know how your second experience with it will be :-)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Compliance Training on Schedule

Dear Samantha,

i felt compelled to send You an update on the training.  i have been, as You've commanded, been listening to C101 for the past 5 days.  Last evening i began adding c202 as instructed.  C101 is a great recording and pushes me deep into trance.   When finished i remember very little of the recording and feel very good after listening to it.  C202 however is absolutely amazing.  i only remember a couple things from the recording after listening, remembering how intense it was at the start, so many voices bombarding me before i fell deep into trance.  i remember the word 'PUNISHMENT' in Your certain tone, with the crack of the whip.  i remember how excited and sexually aroused i had become at that point of the recording, It had left me with feelings and visions later in night of being captured, imprisoned in a dungeon.  Kept locked away, shackled and chained in a cage.  Daily being used and enduring teasing in bondage, transforming me into the slave You want me to be so i can be added to Your stable, all the while leaving myself excited to experience it all.  i remember my body jumping slightly at the sound of the whip, and yet remember feeling weightless while listening so deep. 

Thank You Samantha, i will continue as ordered with the listening and will write again in another 5 days. 


Hello again JonF,

The joy you experience is equal to the feeling I get when my work is appreciated :-)

Five days with each of my Compliance mp3s is a ticket to a month of bliss and more.